I like to be alone without feeling lonely at all.
Hello lovely. My name is Saskia, I'm 15 and from Germany.

I let my mind drift, but I'll stay aware of my surroundings. I constantly get my hopes up too high. Its really hard for me to let someone go. I over analyze everything. I always have a lot on my mind.

viridi-scaenarum-deactivated201 sagte: lovely blog :) would you mind checking out mine please :) xx

of course and your blog is much lovelier than mine xx

whereiwearsomeflowersinmyhair sagte: Hi! Ich werde demnächst für ein Jahr als AuPair nach San Francisco gehen und meine Reise auf meinem Blog festhalten. Wenn du Lust hast kannst du ja mal vorbeischauen! :) Liebe Grüße. Lulu

und wie is es? :)

a-waste-of-s-p-a-c-e sagte: I really like your blog, I followed you even though you'll be taking a Tumblr break (I read your post. I'm German too and can read it but have trouble writing German, considering I didn't grow up there; I'll be living there for a year starting August 28th though--excited!!). I was reading your description about yourself in the corner and it could just as perfectly describe me. You seem cool and I'll be looking forward to seeing new posts from you when you're back after summer break. Have fun! (:

cuute, made my day :)
but if you dont try to speak german, your german wouldnt get better and better and i also speak english and dont live in gb :)

i already read your ‘question’ today, because the break you knew.. or you dont, because the time runs and runs

Anonym sagte: How many followers do you have ?

how often did i get this question? it bothers me


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i can’t wait to not get kissed on new years eve 

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"My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?" by Bob Hope (via left-nut)

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